iRest Mindfulness Meditation for Floatation Therapy

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iRest Mindfulness Meditation for Floatation Therapy


Built upon the fundamentals of traditional yogic teachings and philosophy, iRest Yoga Nidra was created as a way to bring these valued cultivations into modern day life, making it more accessible, universal and applicable. Meditation gurus and novices alike can benefit from iRest’s personal offerings of decreased levels of stress and anxiety, better sleep quality, ability to better manage both chronic and acute pain, and an improved sense of control. iRest also opens the door to a greater sense of self-worth, confidence, and overall well-being.

Although complimentary to iRest, floating certainly holds its own in relation to benefits. Ranging from pain relief and stress reduction to improved focus and mental clarity, it’s no surprise that floating has attracted the interest of athletes, artists, meditators, and military personnel alike. Deep, prolonged states of relaxation such as those achieved in floating actually cause chemical changes in the brain that relieve pain, elevate mood, regulate hormone balance, and impact a wide range of physical and mental functions.

The decision to establish this unique partnership stems from my love and regular use of both floating and iRest as part of my own wellness routine. I wanted to highlight the strengths of one in order to better the experience of the other. Since floating is a form of sensory deprivation, it eliminates distraction of outside stimuli — making it easier to concentrate on the meditation at hand. For some individuals, having the anchor of a voice during their float sessions encourages a greater sense of relaxation. Both iRest and floating create the ideal setting for deep healing, rest and the discovery of your truest, most genuine self. In essence, these tools afford the opportunity to establish and perpetuate a better relationship with ourselves as we begin to understand our own desires, ambitions and intentions.

Finally, I sought to blend my husband’s passion for floating with my own advocacy of iRest to construct a way to enhance the assets of each practice. I couldn’t be more excited and grateful to share these holistic modalities to enable people to dive deeper into the uncharted waters of their soul and rediscover their best self.

Perhaps you’re already a committed veteran to either of these methods, or are interested in combining wellness modalities as a synergistic benefit to your holistic regimen — whatever the case, I invite you to embrace, enjoy, and evoke the richness of doing this iRest Float Meditation.

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