I have been blessed to share my passion of iRest and Hatha Yoga at several locations throughout the Puget Sound.  Below are the locations where you will currently find some of my services:


Uncharted Waters Float Center

iRest Program Series

Next series begins in February 

Drop-in Class Schedule

Drop-in classes will begin again in February. Each drop-in class is $15.  Please book here.

Private iRest Sessions-Conversations with the Body

Individual sessions are suited to meet your specific needs. Whether you want to work to address symptoms of PTSD, anxiety, depression, insomnia, etc. the central principle is that of welcoming. Welcoming means listening deeply to what most wants to be seen and heard, then meeting ourselves and all of our resistance and the self-judgments that can accompany difficult situations, stuck-ness, or conditioned patterning.

iRest helps us investigate and dispel the roots of our conditioned beliefs that uphold our misperceptions of reality.  iRest dissolves the obstacles that stand in the way of our leading an authentic life of purpose and meaning.  And for those who are interested, iRest awakens us so that we may live an enlightened life, awake to our underlying True Nature. 

"Conversations with the Body” is a time to welcome everything, just as it is.  In these private sessions, you sit face to face with yourself without an agenda, mirroring all that is arising.  You learn to deal with reality on its terms rather than through what our mind desires.  

Participants are invited to wear comfortable clothing and practice lying down or in a seated meditation posture.  Sarah can provide customized recordings to her clients and students.

Private Session Pricing

Single Session - $50

Private sessions are available by appointment only. Select clients will have the option to pay on a sliding scale. If you have questions on the pricing structure, please email To book a private session click here, call Uncharted Waters Float Center at 253-330-8815 or Sarah's mobile at 253-468-1920.  


Samdhana-Karana Yoga (SKY)

Tacoma's only non-profit yoga studio!  Drop in classes are $10 or free with a Partners in Healing Membership. 


7:30- 8:30pm
iRest Yoga Nidra* 
Wednesday Nights


Kiddos and Kin Kindermusik with Shay

Kiddos and Kin offers  developmentally-specific educational programs for kids ages newborn to seven. 

Uncharted Soul will be instructing a 4-week children's yoga series at the Kiddos and Kin studio.  Click the link for more details.